Naina to get shot while saving Raghav in Pardes


Veer goes to meet Naina and apologizes to Naina on Raghav’s saying. Sanjana scolds Veer in front of Raghav and shows fake anger to convince Raghav for giving a chance to Veer. Naina does not listen to Veer and is angry on him. Veer’s confession is recorded. He does not want Dadi to know all that.

Naina does not forgive him and asks him to go away. Naina, Raghav Sanjana and Veer meet in the market, where there happens a terrorist attack. Naina scolds Veer and Sanjana, and tells them that she will not listen to them now. Suddenly, the terrorist start shooting in the market area. The crowd starts running away. Raghav shouts out to Naina and rushes to help her. Raghav sees Sanjana worriedly standing in the middle of the road and becoming target. Raghav moves Sanjana away and saves her by risking his life. Naina saves Raghav from becoming the target. Naina gets shot and falls down. Will this incident unite Naina and Raghav? Keep reading.


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