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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita find a chance to romance to lessen the on going tension at home. They try to make Pihu realize that they are fine and they have no tension. They show Pihu that there is no tension at home. Ishita dances with Raman to show Pihu. Pihu is scared because of Suhail. Pihu understands everything is fine at home. Raman asks Ishita did she romance to show Pihu. He gets annoyed that Ishita does not romance with him. Ishita and Raman tease each other. /p>

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi:

Sonakshi wins successful business figure award. Dev comes to the event and snatches the award from her. The media gets to know Dev and Sonakshi’s relation truth. Their personal life comes out. Sonakshi gets angry and gives the media byte against Dev. She leaves from the event.


Maya takes Arjun’s Agni Pariksha. She takes his tests and also makes him promise. She ignites the fire and asks Arjun to hold the fire if he loves her. She asks him to make vows to her holding the fire in hand. Arjun holds the fire. Maya shows her care for Arjun and blows on his burnt hand. Saanjh comes there. Arjun takes Maya’s side. He clears out that he is with Maya. Saanjh gets upset.


Avni is glad by Aladin’s entry. Aladin is fighting for Avni’s rights. He has taken disguise of an inspector and dominating the members of Mehta family. He asks them not to put Avni in any improper room. He makes Avni get a good room and also makes her dine with family.

Avni asks Aladin to make her get her brother. Aladin has a new name and avatar this time. He supports Avni. She is tensed that Dayavanti can do something to Aman. She tells Aladin to secure Aman first. She does not want any right. She just wants to get her brother and leave from Mehta house. She is giving good competition to Dayavanti. Avni has to find Aisha’s murderer. She has doubt on Dayavanti, but she is waiting to collect right clues. Avni is in complicated situation.


Sushila plans to sell off Amba and asks Jagan to take Amba away from home. Mannu hears her plan and gets determined to save Amba. Sushila plans to put Amba in trouble, so that Mannu comes out to save her. She tells Jagan that she would call police and trap Mannu to send him back to jail.


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