Naamkarann to get fun twists and interesting drama


Avni is glad by Aladin’s entry. Aladin is fighting for Avni’s rights. He has taken disguise of an inspector and dominating the members of Mehta family. He asks them not to put Avni in any improper room. He makes Avni get a good room and also makes her dine with family.

Avni asks Aladin to make her get her brother. Aladin has a new name and avatar this time. He supports Avni. She is tensed that Dayavanti can do something to Aman. She tells Aladin to secure Aman first. She does not want any right. She just wants to get her brother and leave from Mehta house. She is giving good competition to Dayavanti. Avni has to find Aisha’s murderer. She has doubt on Dayavanti, but she is waiting to collect right clues. Avni is in complicated situation.

She has many targets, and wants to fulfill every task. Aladin’s exit was shocking and mysterious, when he was seen cheating Aisha and Avni, by handing over the movie to Dayavanti. Aladin wants to give shock to Dayavanti this time. Aladin was Avni’s big support before. He came in her life to bring happiness. He got to know about Aisha’s death, when he was away from her. Avni and Aladin to happy to bond again. They become family for each other now. There will be many twists and turns, when he fools Dayavanti and helps Avni by staying in Mehta house as inspector Pappi Singh. Keep reading.



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