Raman blames Ishita for Ruhi’s confession in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman and Ishita go to jail to meet Ruhi. Raman and Ishita meet Abhishek. They can’t believe that Ruhi has confessed her crime that she has killed someone. Ishita says maybe Ruhi did not know she has signed this document. Abhishek is also worried seeing Ruhi’s confession. Ishita says we should show this letter to Ruhi and ask her.

Raman gets angry and throws things there. He gets to know Suhail did this and decides he will not leave Suhail. He feels Ishita is not supporting him in saving Ruhi. Abhishek asks Raman to control his anger. Everyone wants Raman not to fight with Ishita. He shouted on Ishita in police station and also shows anger at home.

Simmi asks him to say did they meet Ruhi. Raman gets much angry and starts shouting. He believes Ruhi is in jail because of Ishita, what do you want to know, Ishita ruined my plan and Ruhi went to jail, problem is we give much value to women at home, and that’s why you all decide everything. He complains to everyone about Ishita. Romi tries to calm him. Raman pushes Romi and says I m not a kid.

Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman seeing his bad behavior. Raman says everyone decide everything in this house, and I have no right to say anything. He says I m bearing all this as I always listen to Ishita, you all support her and do not know what’s in my mind. Raman asks them why does Ishita not work out plan as per his saying. Mr. Bhalla finds Ishita right, and asks Raman not to blame her always, as most of the times Ishita is right. He asks Raman to listen to Ishita and know her plan, understand her. He says Ishita is right, so I will support her. He knows Raman will angrily make mistakes and then apologize to Ishita after knowing truth.


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