Ruhi gets arrested; Vikram to commit suicide in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita is worried for Ruhi. Raman finds a way to lessen her stress. He acts to fall in bathroom. She asks how did you fall. He asks her help and pulls her to make her fall too. Raman and Ishita romance.

On the other hand, Mani and Shagun go to a resort. Shagun planned their trip and convinced him by Aaliya’s help. Shagun finds Vikram there. Mani and Shagun coincidentally find Vikram, who is a link in Ruhi’s case. Mani brings Vikram home and locks him.

Everyone is worried about Ruhi. Bhalla family wait for Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla, Ishita and Mihika are in tension. Simmi asks about Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla breaks down and asks Simmi not to ask her, as she has no answers. Simmi asks Ruhi. Ishita and Mihika also cry and get speechless.

Ruhi is arrested for the man’s murder. Mihika tells this bad news to Simmi. Adi comes and asks Mr. Bhalla about Ruhi. Knowing about Ruhi’s arrest, Adi gets shocked and angry. Pihu wants to be with Ishita and Raman. Shagun comes to lessen Pihu’s tension and manage her to share Ishita and Raman’s load.

Bhalla family has to face the new problems. Shagun is supporting them by understanding the situation at home. Mani and Shagun pressurize Vikram and try to make him speak the truth. Mani is also helping Raman and Ishita in Ruhi’s matter. Shagun asks Vikram why is Suhail after Ruhi, what does he want, tell us, you won’t face any problem. Vikram asks her for water. Shagun goes to get water. Vikram disappears and Shagun loses the ray of hope again. Raman and Ishita teach Mani’s house and see Vikram escaping. Vikram sees them and worriedly jumps from the window, to avoid the torture from Suhail by committing suicide. Will Vikram survive? Keep reading.


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