Rano to separate Rishi-Tanuja in Kasam


Tanuja is very happy knowing she was Tanu in previous birth. She finds herself lucky to get her love Rishi. She has got all memories of her past birth. She tells Devi Maa that she remembers everything, she is Tanu. She is very happy to have Rishi in her life.

Rishi and Tanuja got separated after Rano’s bad state in the jail. The major drama of jail and hospital has made Rishi against Tanuja. Everyone has anger about Tanuja. Rano always disliked Tanuja.

She asks Rishi to give divorce to Tanuja. Rishi gets a big shock. Rano says just leave Tanuja. Rishi agrees to Rano, seeing Rano’s weak state. Rano is on wheelchair. Rishi wants to think about Rano first. Rishi feeds the soup to Rano. He got helpless to decide this. Rishi goes to room and cries thinking of Tanuja. He misses Tanuja and is surely in love with him. Rishi and Tanuja’s separation will be seen. Rishi will know about Tanuja’s birth and regret later.



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