Shivangi to kill Mahish to acquire Naagmani in Naagin 2


Shivangi and Guru fix a jar which has liquid to freeze Mahish. Guru says this cold storage is dangerous even for a Naagin, you can also die, you should leave the leave. She asks Guru to leave. She calls him Rudra and asks him to get Mahish.

Mahish goes to attack on Shivangi finding her alone. Mahish asks Shivangi for his horn. Shivani refuses to him. Mahish is trapped in Shivangi’s place. She has got Mahish in such place, where he can’t get saved. Their fight commences. Shivangi wants to secure Naagmani. Yamini and Sesha also want the Naagmani.

Mahish shouts on Shivangi for laying trap for him. He says this is a fake horm, where is my real horn. She says yes, its fake horn, I got you here to teach you a lesson. He says you lied to me and got me here to kill me. Shivangi cuts Mahish’s hands and leaves him there so that he dies in the cold storage. Mahish dies. Shivangi goes a puja to get the Naagmani out of Mahish’s horn. Shivangi gets the Naagmani finally. Yamini, Sesha and Avantika also want revenge from Shivangi. They threaten Guru Dev and ask about Naagmani. Shivangi’s Guru always supports Shivangi. Sesha thinks to find Mahish’s horn so that they can take his help. The trio does not know about Shivangi’s possession of Naagmani. Keep reading.


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