Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik is angry as Naira is getting close to Suwarna. He asks her to make relations with his parents, and leave him. He asks her to leave and not try to meet him till his anger gets down. Naira apologizes and asks him to forgive her.

Kartik gets upset with her. He rudely shouts on her. Everyone gets worried after Kartik and Naira’s fight. Naksh calls Kartik and tells him that Naira did not come back home till now. Kartik and Naksh try to find Naira everywhere. They look for Naira and get her car which met with an accident. They all get shocked seeing the car’s bad state. Kartik shouts out Naira and looks for her at the accident spot.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Chanda has kidnapped Meera. Dharam follows her and holds her neck asking where is Meera. He asks her what does she want, he will give her anything instead Meera. Chanda makes Dharam sign on the papers and takes his property. Dharam says you got what you wanted, now tell me where is Dharam. She says I look innocent, but I m not, the property has to get on my name, wait till then to get Meera.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti has come back home and is in trauma after the jail incident. Riya gets a rope knot for Shanti and scares her by making her wear the rope in her neck. Riya is fed up of Shanti’s tortures. Shanti imagines all this and screams. Shanti thinks that Riya intentionally wants to snatch the rule at home and tells everyone that Riya is responsible for all problems.


Pinky accuses Anika for attempting to kill Tia. Shivay is in dilemma. Shivay takes Anika’s side and defends her. He says Anika can never do this. Pinky says she has done this, Tia was slipping and got saved.

Shivay tells Pinky that Anika saved Tia and she got hurt, I have seen it myself, I know she can’t do this. Pinky wants Anika to lave from the house. Anika gets sad. Shivay holds Anika’s hand and does not let her leave.


Naina gets shot while saving Raghav, in the terrorist attack. Naina falls down. Raghav holds her in lap and cries. He feels Naina was right and he could not do justice with her. Raghav acts to die and gets the terrorist close.

He gets angry and beats the terrorist. He throws away the gun and fights with the terrorist. Raghav takes Naina to hospital. Raghav and everyone head home. Dadi gets worried hearing about terrorist attack.


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