Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Udaan: Suraj scolds his servant for hurting Chakor. He asks Chakor to get away from him, and no need to come back. Chakor refuses to leave him. Chakor feels bad that she could not convince Imli to run and fetch water from the motor.

She says Vivaan does not want Imli to get in this matter and be a slave for Bhaiya ji. She tells him the problem Vivaan is facing. Suraj gets shocked knowing Ragini’s bad plan against Vivaan. Chakor tells him what Vivaan is going through.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Entire family is happy for Piyush and Vaidehi. After Roshni’s suicide attempt, Roshni has become more dangerous. Roshni adds poison in the kheer. Vaidehi and Piyush do the puja together. Vaidehi eats the kheer and faints.


The kinners come to Preeto’s house to get Soumya with them. They get to know Preeto is torturing Tarana/Soumya. They ask Soumya to leave Harman and come to them to live a life with respect. What will Soumya decide? On the other hand, Harman kidnaps a little boy and locks him in cupboard. The boy is Harman’s nephew Chintu. Harman’s sister Raavi is unhappy always. Harman wants to cheer up Raavi by playing a drama.

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Katyani Devi tells Tanuja about the kundli dosh. She says Rishi and Tanuja can stay together, but they can never marry, else either of them will die. Tanuja gets a big shock. She questions Devi Maa why did she give her rebirth if Mata did not wish her to unite with Rishi. She asks why can’t Rishi become mine, Rishi has never misunderstood me, you have shown my wrong face to him. She has many questions and asks Mata. Her dreams have shattered. Tanuja will get kidnapped after leaving the temple. Tanuja shouts out to Rishi for help. Rishi will save Tanuja.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi calls Mahish to ice room by excuse. When Mahish checks the fake horn, he gets angry and attacks on Shivangi. Shivangi manages to kill him and freeze him in ice. Shivangi comes home in chilled state. Rocky gets worried seeing her state and takes care of her.


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