Naina’s birthday surprise hurts Raghav’s emotions in Pardes


Naina plans to surprise Raghav on his birthday. Dadi tells Naina that she has told Shaurya to inform her that Raghav does not like celebrating his birthday, as his Dada ji died on the same day. Naina has arranged the surprise for Raghav, unknowing to the truth. Raghav ruins all the decorations in anger and gets annoyed with Naina.

Raghav asks Naina to be happy now, after hurting his emotions. Raghav never celebrates his birthday. He hates the celebrations. He gets mad seeing the decorations and reacts badly. Naina feels his reaction is unfair, as she has put many efforts in doing the arrangements. Raghav gets drunk and blames Naina for hurting him always. He says you called me cheater and fraud, now you crossed all limits. He gets over drunk and falls asleep. Naina cares for him, realizing his emotions towards Mehra family.


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