Soumya pulled towards the kinners world again in Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

The kinners come to Preeto’s house to get Soumya with them. They get to know Preeto is torturing Tarana/Soumya. They ask Soumya to leave Harman and come to them to live a life with respect. Preeto talks to the kinners. She also wants Soumya to leave and get away from their lives. What will Soumya decide?

On the other hand, Harman kidnaps a little boy and locks him in cupboard. The boy is Harman’s nephew Chintu. Harman’s sister Raavi is unhappy always. Harman wants to cheer up Raavi by playing a drama. Harman asks Chintu to call him Kans Mama. Chintu calls him Kans and pushes him away. Chintu asks Harman why did he kidnap him and scolds him. Harman could not control him and ties him up. Soumya bonds with Chintu. Chintu has been rude to him also, but Soumya wins his heart. Will Chintu bring Harman and Soumya together? Keep reading.


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