Chanda attempts to reveal Gaura’s truth in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Chanda stops Vidya and tells her that Gaura can walk. Gaura and Dharam ask Chanda to leave Vidya’s hand. Chanda pushes Dharam from the stairs. Gaura gets up from her wheelchair and holds Dharam. Dharam and everyone get shocked seeing Gaura fine.

Chanda says I told you Gaura can walk, look at her now. Gaura’s wheelchair drama ends. Dharam, Vidya and Shravan get to know Gaura’s truth. Chanda asks them to believe her now. Dharam asks Gaura when did she get able to walk and why did she not tell them.


Gaura does great drama. She thanks Lord and tells Dharam that its miracle, she could stand on her feet now. Chanda says it’s not miracle, Gaura can walk. Gaura faints in front of them to avoid their questions. Dharam gets tensed about her and takes Gaura to room. Gaura thinks if Dharam knows her drama, he will not forgive her. Jaggi gets Urvashi home. He cares for Urvashi and wishes she recovers soon. Gopi feels sorry seeing Jaggi’s tears. Urvashi is in coma. Jaggi got her home for her safety. Jaggi asks Urvashi to get up till he counts three, else he will not talk to her. Urvashi does not respond. Jaggi requests her to get up. Gopi pacifies Jaggi.


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