Dadi gets to know family’s greedy motives in Pardes


Dadi/Indu Mehra gets to know the big truth that Sanjana is not pregnant. Pam tries to lie and cover up the matter. Everyone has hidden the truth from Dadi. Dadi scolds Sanjana for playing fake pregnancy drama to marry Veer.

Dadi asks Sudha and Pam if they are with Sanjana in this lie. She regrets that her children cheated her, whom she blindly trusts and loves. She asks everyone what was the reason, why did they play with her emotions, did they do this for money, why are they punishing her. Veer asks Dadi who are you to ask us. Dadi slaps Veer angrily. Veer scares Dadi. Dadi thought her family loves her, and today she cries seeing her family’s reality. Dadi was proud of Veer, but now her illusion got broken. No one cares for Dadi. Dadi starts crying and misses Raghav and Naina. What will Dadi do now? Keep reading.


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