Shivay gets helpless over illegitimacy secret in Ishqbaaz


Shwetlana tells Tia that Oberois are fools to not know how we are making plans against them. Tia asks her to deal with Anika, as she is a threat to them. She is jealous that Shivay and Anika got closer. Mrs. Kapoor knows Shivay’s weakness Omkara, and asks her daughters to play their games. She wants to make sure that Shivay does not take Anika’s side, She wants to separate them by misunderstandings.

Mrs. Kapoor threatens Shivay about Omkara. Shivay asks her to stop blackmailing. She asks him why is he going against her, and supporting Anika who is trying to kill Tia’s baby. She explains Shivay to stop supporting Anika. She asks Shivay not to anger her, else she will bring out Omkara’s illegitimacy truth.

Tia plans to put theft blame on Sahil. She gets to see his crutch and puts her diamond necklace in the crosspiece. Sahil finds his crutch lying somewhere and wonders who has taken it. Tia scolds Sahil and asks him about her diamond necklace. Dadi defends Sahil and gets angry on Tia. Tia then uses Pinky and makes her doubt on Sahil. Tia blames Sahil for theft, which shocks Anika. Anika asks Tia is she mad to blame a little kid. Sahil says I did not steal anything. Tia tells Pinky that Sahil has come to her room by excuse to take his crutch. Anika defends Sahil. Pinky takes Tia’s side. Shivay gets involved in the matter.

Tia tells Shivay that Sahil has stolen her necklace. Shivay does not want to ask Sahil, but Mrs. Kapoor blackmails him to not support Anika. Anika asks Shivay to defend Sahil. Shivay asks Sahil if he has really stolen the necklace. Anika gets upset. Shwetlana makes Sahil fall down. The diamond necklace falls out of the crutch. Anika asks Shivay why did he not trust Sahil. Shivay could not explain her about Omkara’s birth truth.


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