Raghav-Naina’s confusion over marriage in Pardes


Naina plans a beautiful surprise for Raghav. She decorates their complete room and wishes him on his birthday. Raghav ruins decorations and gets angry. He asks Naina why does she act innocent, after knowing everything.

Naina wanted to give him happiness on his birthday and did not know about Dada ji’s demise on the same day. She thinks Raghav is angry as its Sanjana’s sangeet today. Raghav thinks Naina knows about Dada ji’s demise and still she did not care for her emotions.

Raghav throws the cake made by Naina. She has put all her efforts in arranging the surprise. She does not understand why is Raghav getting mad in anger. Raghav gives her a surprise by hurting her emotionally and leaving from the room. Raghav scolds Naina and asks her to give her divorce soon. He tells Naina to leave him, and they will get divorced soon. Naina gets shocked when he tells that he will speed up divorce process. The confusions and misunderstandings are increasing between them. The reason behind Raghav’s sorrow over the day will be known to Naina. Raghav gets drunk in anger. Naina cares for Raghav and makes him sleep.


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