Sahil to arch over Shivay’s secrets in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz shivay

After the theft blame, Shivay tries to console an emotionally hurt Anika. Anika tells him that he always proves her wrong and breaks her hopes, trust and heart. She asks why did he insult her this way by doubting on Sahil, if he would do this if Omkara and Rudra were in Sahil’s place. She gets hugely disappointed with him. She asks why did he not defend Sahil knowing he is innocent.

She asks Shivay to answer her why was he silent and why did he let wrong happen with them. Shivay could not tell her about Omkara’s matter. Anika says just your family matters to you, others don’t matter, you don’t see anything except blood and family lineage. He feels sorry. Though he could not answer her questions, he gets away and sheds tears to calm down his heartache.

Mrs. Kapoor is happy with Shivay for not supporting Anika. She calls him wise to choose his brother over Anika’s brother. He asks her not to test his patience. He feels bad to do wrong with an innocent kid. He warns her not to pressurize him. She threatens him that she will tell everyone that Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate son. She asks Shivay to keep listening to her. Sahil gets to hear this shocking thing and understands Shivay was helpless. Shivay angrily breaks his phone.

Shivay apologizes to Sahil for not taking care of him and breaking his promise. Sahil hugs Shivay surprisingly, and calls him a good person who has kept his promise. Shivay says I have done wrong with you and hurt your and Anika’s heart. Sahil says you have done this helplessly, I know the truth. Shivay gets shocked knowing Sahil heard Mrs. Kapoor. Sahil says you did not take my side while thinking of Omkara. He asks Shivay to explain this to Anika. Shivay asks Sahil not to tell this to Anika. Sahil promises him to hide the secret. Keep reading.


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