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Beyhadh: Maya’s mum Jhanvi gets drunk in mehendi function. She stumbles and collides with Maya and Arjun. Maya’s mehendi gets spoiled. Arjun’s name in Maya’s hand gets spoiled. The lady says I have told its abshagun if guy and girl meet before marriage, so this has happened. Maya’s mood gets upset. Arjun takes Maya with him and asks her not to think of anyone’s words. There will be mystery revealing about Maya’s mum.

Chandra Nandni:

Nandini and Helena have a fight in the palace. They use weapon sticks and try to outdo each other. Nandini and her lookalike’s twist is seen. There will be major revelations of the big secret.

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Meghna is trying to talk to Sharda. Naina has tension and runs to solve the problem. Sharda and Meghna try to talk to Mrs. Chauhan. Kunal’s dad Mr. Chauhan has claimed that he will stop Meghna and Kunal’s marriage. It has to be seen how Meghna manages everything. Sharda’s daughters Meghna and Naina get married in Chauhan family.

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Dadi gets a shock knowing about Sanjana’s fake pregnancy. She confronts everyone. Veer and everyone scold Dadi angrily for the first time and show their true colors. They all have their grudges out. Dadi gets a heart attack, being unable to bear the bitter truth.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

A goon enters Modi house and holds Gopi captive. He keeps a knife at Gopi’s neck and keeps his demands. Urmila and Jaggi ask him to leave. Jaggi asks goon what does he want. The goon has come there to find a girl, who is hiding in Modi house. Urmila asks Paridhi is he saying about Mona. Paridhi gets angry and calls Mona. The girl sees the goon and hides. Jaggi beats the goons. The goon runs away. Modi family is not aware of the girl hiding in their house.


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