Helena angered over Nandini’s coronation in Chandra Nandni


Chandra announces Nandini as Magadh’s Maharani, while Helena was expecting herself to become the Mukhya Maharani. Helena gets angry seeing Nandini’s crowning ceremony. Nandini wears the queen’s crown. Chandra has made Nandini the queen, after the competition between Helena and Nandini.

Nandini has won the competition, and Chandra has taken this decision based on it. Praja does not accept Helena as their queen, and asked Chandra to choose Nandini as she belongs to Magadh. Praja is pleased seeing Nandini as their queen. Nandini got many responsibilities on her shoulders now. She has to look after the Praja and share kingdom duties along Chandra. Helena plans to take revenge from Nandini.



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