Santoshi Maa — Dhairya in Trishna’s control


Devi Paulmi has made a plan to help her devotee Trishna. Kamini gives a locket to Trishna, by which she can control Dhairya and make him obey her. Santoshi gets to know about this black magic locket and fears for Dhairya’s life.

Kamini insults Santoshi. Santoshi sees Kamini going out and follows her. Santoshi comes home late night. Trishna and Dhairya ask her where she go at night, leaving the house door open. Santoshi says I m not thief to go and do robbery at night.

Dhairya scolds Santoshi. He hurts her. Santoshi says this is my house, leave my hand, you want to know why I left door open and rushed, you will know it soon. Santoshi gets shocked seeing Kamini at home, and thinks I was following Kamini. Dhairya addresses Santoshi as maid. Trishna asks Santoshi why is she quiet now. Kamini calls Santoshi mad to sleepwalk. She asks Trishna to come and rest. Devi Paulmi asks Santoshi Maa if she has any solution for this plan. Trishna asks Dhairya to give her life in her love. Dhairya goes to terrace to jump down. Santoshi gets a big shock and rushes to stop Dhairya.



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