Ghulaam — Rangeela’s truth


Shivani’s uncle comes to Berahampur to find Shivani. Uncle asks Rangeela where is Shivani. Rangeela does not answer him and bows down. Uncle asks Rangeela again and gets worried on not getting a reply. Rangeela does not say a word and looks at Veer. Bheema and Veer laugh on uncle. Uncle tells them that Rangeela is my son-in-law, we have done Shivani’s bidaai with him.

Veer breaks out that Shivani is his wife. Uncle gets angry hearing this shocking truth and asks Rangeela how could he cheat them. Rangeela sees Veer insulting uncle. Veer pushes uncle and insults him, calling him his father in law. He makes uncle fight in the wrestling ground with his wrestler. Uncle who already underwent a surgery gets hurt. Shivani comes there and gets shocked seeing her uncle getting hurt. She begs to Bheema to leave uncle. Bheema does not listen to her. Uncle feels bad seeing Shivani treated like an animal. He gets worried for Shivani. Will Rangeela help out Shivani? Keep reading.


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