Shivay gets shot amidst Lohri Celebrations in Ishqbaaz


After Shivay’s threatening, Anika worries for Sahil and rushes to see him. She asks Sahil is he fine. Sahil asks her to forget everything and get ready for Lohri. Anika refuses to go with Shivay. Sahil gives her hint that Shivay maybe he helpless to do all this, maybe he has some problem. He asks her to forgive Shivay, who maybe in work stress. Shivay asks Anika to get ready and stop wasting time. Anika says I just came to see if Sahil is fine. Shivay asks her to rush and get ready. Anika angrily goes. Sahil calls Shivay Tadibaaz.

Pinky compliments Tia. Tia appears upset. Pinky asks her to be happy. Tia shares her worry that Shivay can do Lohri puja with Anika. Pinky says I have cleared to Shivay to celebrate Lohri with you. She asks Tia not to worry. Pinky and Tia get glad seeing Shivay coming downstairs alone. Pinky asks Tia to go to Shivay. Their happiness gets short lived when they see Anika coming along.

Shivay and Anika compliment each other as a couple. Dadi blesses them. Tia gets angered and leaves. Pinky feels insulted once again. Tia calls her mom. She informs her that Shivay is going to do Lohri puja with Anika and is not worried for Omkara. Mrs. Kapoor decides to end Anika’s chapter for once and all. She hires a shooter.

Pinky argues with Shivay for doing Lohri with Anika. She asks how will you do puja with Anika in front of Chaddas. Tej talks to Mr. Chadda and gets to know Chaddas are not coming today. Shivay tells Pinky that her problem got solved now. Dadi asks Anika not to be upset and smile. Rudra wants to dance on dhol beats. Mrs. Kapoor finds this as an opportunity to call her shooter, in disguise of dhol player. The shooter hides the gun inside the dhol and passes the security with ease.

Dadi asks Shivay and Anika to walk around Lohri fire and pray for their marriage. She explains them the rituals. Shivay and Anika do the Lohri puja together. Rudra clicks their photo and gets them close. The shooter aims at Anika on Mrs. Kapoor’s order. Shivay happens to see the shooter and runs to save Anika. Shivay gets shot.


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