Short-term misapprehensions between ShiVika gets drawn in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Sahil have icecream. Pinky calls Sahil a thief. She asks Shivay how can he have big heart to be with a thief. Shivay asks her to end that topic. Pinky tells Shivay about Lohri puja. She asks him to do the puja with Tia, as its their first Lohri, this is their house tradition. She asks him to do puja with his wife and goes. Shivay does not care. Dadi also comes and reminds Shivay about Anika and his first Lohri. She asks them to do puja.

Shivay repeats Pinky’s lines about the house traditions. Dadi asks him to get ready and come fast. Sahil asks Shivay what will he do now, will he do puja with Tia or Anika. Shivay says option is just Anika, whom I married. Sahil asks Shivay how will he convince Anika for puja, when she is much annoyed with him. Shivay says I will talk to her and convince her my way.

Shivay finds Anika upset and shows his typical attitude. He asks her to get ready for Lohri puja, as they have to it together. Anika asks him how can he do Lohri puja with a thief’s sister. He asks her not to start it again. She blames Shivay for hurting Sahil. She refuses to celebrate Lohri with him. He asks her to make her mood right and come for puja, everyone is waiting. She refuses to him. He asks her to change clothes and come. He pressurizes her the same way, as he did to force her for marriage. She says I m not scared of you and denies again.

Shivay asks her not to force him to become bad. She asks will you force me again. He asks her not to refuse to him. She recalls how he has blackmailed her about Sahil and married her. He names her weakness. She asks her not to do anything to Sahil. He says now Sahil is in this house, I won’t have to do much. He asks her to get ready for Sahil’s sake. She asks her how can he do this, all the friendship, respect and concern broke by his bad behavior. She feels much hurt and asks him about dumping their transforming relation. Shivay gets hurt seeing her hurt, and wishes he could tell her why he is doing this. He realizes she will forgive him when she knows he is doing this for Omkara. He acts rude towards her, and does not share Omkara’s truth.


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