Shagun to support IshRa in difficult times in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman sees Ruhi’s pics and cries. He says Papa could not save you Ruhi, I m not a good father. Mrs. Bhalla consoles him. Raman says I promised Ruhi, and could not fulfill it. He recalls Ruhi’s childhood. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi will come back to us. Raman has broken down as he loves Ruhi a lot. He says we lost Ruhi forever. She asks him to calm down. Ishita and Shagun are together in their plan.

Ishita planned to get Ruhi out of jail. Shagun gives sweets to everyone, so that persons consuming laddoos faint by the medicine added. Shagun meets Niddhi and also makes her have sweets. Niddhi faints after having sweets. Ishita and Shagun meet Ruhi in jail. Shagun has become friendly with Ishita in the difficult time. She supports Ishita and Raman. Shagun and Ishita plan to get Ruhi out of jail, but their plan to free Ruhi may fail, as the helper man gets Niddhi out with him, instead Ruhi. How will Ishita and Shagun deal with Niddhi? Keep reading.


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