Chakor’s fight for freedom gets reinforced in Udaan


After Bhaiya ji tried many things to break Suraj’s self esteem, Suraj does not break down. Chakor meets Suraj and explains him what Bhaiya ji is trying to do. She understands Bhaiya ji is attacking on Suraj’s esteem to shatter him.

She asks Suraj not to react in anger, and play along Bhaiya ji, so that he can atleast get food and water. She feels helpless for not being able to do anything for Suraj. She asks Suraj to do as Bhaiya ji says, so that Bhaiya ji gets overconfident and does mistake.

Chakor asks Suraj to apologize to Bhaiya ji to get food, else he won’t get energy to fight back. Suraj agrees to her and apologizes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji agrees to give him food once. Next day, Bhaiya ji announces that Suraj will stay hungry, unless Suraj does labor’s work. He says bandhua can get food only if he works. Suraj agrees to do the work. Bhaiya ji gives him tough work to repair all the wells of the village and also paint the wells in just 5 hours. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to see the bad state of wells. Tejaswini and Chakor support Suraj and encourage him to do the task. Suraj is surviving by Chakor’s support and is thankful to her. Chakor aims to initiate freedom fight for entire village again once.



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