Omkara and Rudra stand by Shivay-Anika in Ishqbaaz


Pinky blames Anika for Shivay’s state. She yells on Anika for the worst situation in their life, where peace and happiness left their family. She asks Anika not to ruin Shivay’s life and just get lost from his life with her bad luck. Anika gets a big shock by Pinky’s accusations. Pinky asks Anika to leave. Rudra and Omkara stand with Anika.

Pinky asks them not to interfere. Rudra and Omkara still support Anika, who is Shivay’s wife. Pinky says I m Shivay’s mother, no one can stop me from doing right for my son. Omkara tells Pinky that Anika is right for Shivay. Pinky shouts on Omkara and Rudra. Pinky says Shivay is my son and that relation is supreme, if anyone stops me from making Anika leave, I will die. She threatens and stops everyone. She drags Anika out of the hospital. Anika asks Pinky to let her meet Shivay once, then she will leave. Pinky throws her out and asks her to never come back in Shivay’s life. Anika shatters.

Shivay’s surgery is done. Everyone pray for Shivay and get super tensed. Anika stays outside the hospital. She professes her love for Shivay and asks him not to go away. She wishes he keeps his promise and never leaves her. Anika sheds tears realizing immense love for Shivay. She says I did mistake to never confess love to Shivay, I was foolish to stay angry and annoyed with him, why did he risk his life for me.


Doctor informs the family that surgery is done, but Shivay is still critical. Shivay is shifted to ICU. Pinky prays for Shivay and can’t see him in such state. Dadi is sure that Lord will make Shivay fine and end their sorrow. She gives hope to Pinky. Pinky tells Dadi that she has thrown out Anika from Shivay’s life.


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