Ghulaam — Twist of fate


Rangeela has married Shivani on Veer’s order. Veer breaks out the truth to Shivani, that she got married to him. He regards Veer as his Lord. While seeing Shivani in trouble, Rangeela starts feeling for her. Some questions arise in his heart, which starts bothering him. Rangeela goes to the temple to get some answers. He asks Lord to show him the way. He tells Lord that he has always come here in temple as a devotee, he will do Jaap even today. Rangeela starts the jaap prayers and closes eyes. Shivani comes and stands beside him.

Rangeela and Shivani pray in temple, without seeing each other. The spiritual cloth falls over them. Nandini gets away and leaves. Pandit tells Rangeela that his destiny is linked with that girl/Shivani. He says Lord has given this sign to him. Rangeela does not see Shivani beside him, and asks pandit who was she. Pandit says I don’t know who was she, but she is your soul mate. Rangeela looks around to see who was that girl along him in temple. Will Rangeela find out that Shivani is his soul mate? Keep reading.


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