Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Kasam: Tanuja has realized she is Tanu. She has come back to Bedi house with Rishi. She has told Rishi that she will not stay here, as Rano will never come out of trauma seeing her. She asks Rishi to stay with Rano and be happy. Ahana gets happy seeing Tanuja back, and says I felt my sister has come back. She hugs Tanuja. Tanuja recalls the moments of past when she spoke to Rishi. Tanuja knows all the promises made to Rishi, but she wants Rishi to be safe. Ahana says I told Raj that Rishi and Tanuja are made for each other, I did not know Rishi will get her back so soon. Tanuja is not lucky to be with Rishi, and does not want to unite with him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Roshni packs her bags and leaves from Piyush’s room. Piyush scolded her and made her leave. Simar worries seeing their arguments. Piyush does not want to share room with Roshni, was leaving room. Roshni stops him saying she will leave, and hopes he will stop her. Piyush asks her to get lost and shuts door on her face.


Vivaan meets the doctor at the clinic. Doctor tells Vivaan that he can never become a father. Vivaan gets a big shock. Vivaan has given drugs for 9 years by Tejaswini and the drugs have affected him badly. Vivaan gets heartbroken. Vivaan meets with an accident while he was driving in anger. He hits the car to the tree. The deadly accident could have taken his life. The people come to help and take injured Vivaan to hospital. Vivaan is frustrated and scolds the men. Chakor and Imli are informed about Vivaan. Vivaan gets his anger out on everyone.

Naagin 2:

There is Mata Rani Jagrata going on in a temple. Shivangi comes there and prays for Rocky. Pandit asks all married women to put chunri here in Mata Rani’s feet, then Mata Rani will secure their husbands, and the woman on whom the chunri falls will be the most blessed one.

Mata Rani’s chunri falls on Shivangi. Mahish comes there and creates a havoc. The crowd runs from the temple. Shivnagi asks Mahish not to kill any innocent person. Mahish attacks on a lady and a girl. Shivangi tries to stop Mahish. Mahish asks what shall I do.


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