Major shocks for Vivaan to come up in Udaan


Tejaswini scolds Suraj’s servant. She asks the servant why is he hurting Suraj, why is he not giving water to Suraj. The servant says Tejaswini did not pity any bandhua in her life, and now when her son has become bandhua, she is crying. Tejaswini apologizes to all villagers for torturing them. She says forgive me for my mistakes, today seeing Suraj in this state, I understand what you all went through, I never imagined I would see Suraj in such state, I did all that sins being with Kamal Narayan, I realized my mistakes, help my son. No one comes forward by fear of Bhaiya ji. Suraj faints by thirst.

Meanwhile, Vivaan meets the doctor at the clinic on Imli’s insistence and gets fertility tests done. Doctor tells Vivaan that he can never become a father. Vivaan gets a big shock. Vivaan has given drugs for 9 years by Tejaswini and the drugs have affected him badly. Vivaan gets heartbroken. Vivaan meets with an accident while he was driving in anger. He hits the car to the tree. The deadly accident could have taken his life. The people come to help and take injured Vivaan to hospital. Vivaan is frustrated and scolds the men, asking them to get away. Chakor and Imli are informed about Vivaan. Vivaan gets his anger out on everyone.


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