Pragya finds way to stop engagement in Kumkum Bhagya


Purab and Pragya are getting engaged, having last hope that Abhi would stop them and confess love to Pragya. Purab and Pragya dance together, while Abhi and Tanu dance in the engagement party. Abhi gets jealous seeing Pragya with Purab, but does not say anything.. Abhi and Pragya dance after partners swap. Abhi and Pragya have an eyelock. Abhi’s heart loves Pragya. Abhi’s problem is her never realizes and speaks up his feelings. Aaliya tries to get close to Purab.

Purab hurts Aaliya intentionally and makes her away. Abhi asks Purab about Pragya. Abhi asks Pragya to come for engagement. Pragya injures her hand to stop engagement. She holds the glass pieces and her hand bleeds. Abhi worries seeing her bleeding hand and ties his kerchief. Pragya faints. Abhi and Purab worry for her. Abhi goes mad in worry. Purab and Pragya planned this drama to stop this engagement, but Purab did not know Pragya will really injure herself. Abhi lifts Pragya and takes her for aid. He takes care of Pragya. Engagement got postponed for time being. Will Abhi speak up his love? Keep reading.


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