Raghav to move out of Mehra house in Pardes


Naina can’t see Mehra family insulting Raghav. She gets angry and replies to all of them. Pam throws the broomstick to Raghav to show him his status of a servant. Naina gets that broomstick in hand and asks them how can they insult her husband, they all manage house and business by Raghav’s favors. She asks them to do their work alone. She promises that till Raghav has Laxmi Maa and Dadi’s blessings, he will succeed in any corner of the world. Naina shows belief in Raghav.

Raghav and Naina decided to go away from Mehra house and survive on own. Naina says we will start a new life, and from now Raghav will not help them. She encourages Raghav to move out of Mehra family. Raghav cries and feels bad to leave home. Naina asks him to save his self-esteem. Raghav argues with Balraj. He goes to Dadi to take Dadi’s blessings. Pam asks Raghav and Naina to get out. Raghav and Naina meet Dadi and cry holding her feet. Dadi is asleep and does not see them leaving. Naina consoles Raghav. Raghav and Naina leave from home. Raghav will soon turn into a big businessman and challenge Mehras. Keep reading.


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