Shivay-Anika’s longing ends with a cute moment…. indeed…

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Doctor asks Pinky not to give any stress to Shivay. He says Shivay got restless and his wound bleed. Pinky thinks Anika was the cause of all stress and now Shivay will be fine. Rudra and Soumya hide Anika in the food trolley and take her to meet Shivay. Anika thanks Rudra. Rudra says you will be in front of Shivay in few mins. Pinky happens to come there.

Rudra and Soumya cover up their plan. Rudra says Soumya got Shivay’s favorite food. Pinky says Shivay can’t have outside food. Rudra says we got this made by special chef, it’s very healthy. Pinky asks what’s under the trolley. She goes to check the trolley. Rudra says there is nothing. Anika gets worried. Jhanvi comes to call Pinky. She asks Pinky to talk to Dadi once, Dadi is feeling unwell and going home. Pinky leaves.

Rudra and Soumya finally get Anika to Shivay. He tells Omkara about the gift for Shivay. He shows Anika in the food trolley. Anika gets super relieved seeing Shivay. Shivay senses Anika has come and finds her beside. Anika asks him how does he always sense it. He says just like that. They take each other’s wellbeing. He says I m fine seeing you now. He asks her to hold his hand and come close. Anika goes to hold his hand. Pinky comes there. Anika hides under the bed and gets scared. Rudra says Shivay was having food. He asks Shivay to have soup. Pinky helps Shivay and feeds him soup. Shivay longs for Anika and lowers his hand for her to hold. A very cute moment between them initiates their love story…..


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