ShiVika’s relation turns eternal in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Shivay and Anika did not get vocal about their feelings till now, even then they get much peace in such tensed situation of pain and sorrow. While they hold hands, Shivay gets too emotional and cries. Pinky asks Shivay why is he crying. Shivay says I don’t like anything. He tightly holds Anika’s hand and does not want to lose her. Pinky asks him to rest. She thinks he dislikes the soup and tells him that she will get something else to feed him. She gets Shakti’s call.

She thinks to tell Shakti that Shivay is better now. Pinky’s phone falls down. She gets down to get it. Shivay and Anika worry that Pinky would see Anika. Pinky sees an injection and comments on the hospital’s bad hygienic conditions. Rudra asks her to go and scold the doctor. Pinky goes off to complain doctor. She talks to doctor and gets busy.

Shivay asks Anika not to leave, even if Pinky tells anything. He apologizes to her. He finds Pinky emotional to do all that in stress and assures Anika that he will explain Pinky. Omkara assures they all will talk to Pinky and explain that Shivay and Anika’s relation will never break now, after all marriage is not a joke. Shivay and Anika give their nod to agree, but have to still go some way to confess love. Keep reading.


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