Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita kidnapped Niddhi, and made Suhail confess his crimes. Suhail did not know about Ishita’s masterplan. He got scared seeing the bomb. Ishita has proved Ruhi innocent and got her back home with all the respect.

Adi, Romi, Mihika, Simmi and all Bhalla members get a life seeing their Ruhi back. Ruhi hugs all of them and is happy to be back home. Raman thanks Abhishek for getting Ruhi. Abhishek tells the that Ishita and Shagun made this plan, and they should get credit. He asks Ruhi to make friends by checking their backgrounds and intentions. Abhishek asks Ruhi not to make such mistake of blindly believing someone.


Naina can’t see Mehra family insulting Raghav. She gets angry and replies to all of them. Pam throws the broomstick to Raghav to show him his status of a servant. Naina gets that broomstick in hand and asks them how can they insult her husband, they all manage house and business by Raghav’s favors. She asks them to do their work alone. She promises that till Raghav has Laxmi Maa and Dadi’s blessings, he will succeed in any corner of the world. Naina shows belief in Raghav.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Gaura is acting to pray for Urvashi’s recovery. She has come to meet Urvashi in Modi house. Gaura asks Gopi when will Urvashi get fine. Gopi says maybe Urvashi gets fine soon being with family. Gaura says Lord will make her fine, like Lord made me fine. Urvashi holds Gaura’s saree and stops her. Gaura gets shocked seeing Urvashi coming out of coma and staring at her. Gaura feels tensed and thinks her truth will come out in front of everyone. Urvashi reacts seeing Gaura. Jaggi asks Urvashi if she is fine, what happened. Gopi says nothing, Gaura came to meet Urvashi. Jaggi thanks Gaura for coming, as Urvashi reacted seeing her. He asks Gaura to pray for Urvashi.


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