Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Roshni’s mum comes for Roshni’s Muh Dikhai ritual. Piyush is unhappy. Simar gets the bride downstairs for the rituals. Simar gives shagun to Roshni and has accepted Roshni as her bahu. Roshni has confessed love to Piyush by singing a song. Piyush wants to stay away and does not want to see her face. Simar wants to see them together. Roshni’s mum gets upset seeing the locket Simar gifted to Roshni. She sees Piyush and Vaidehi’s pics in the locket and insults Simar. Piyush asks Roshni’s mum not to say anything against Simar. Roshni supports Simar and goes against her mum. Piyush feels good that Roshni did not go against Simar after he treated her badly. Roshni tries to impress Roshni.



Suraj repairs a well. He works hard and gets tired. Bhaiya ji gives few hours time to Suraj to repair three wells in the village. Suraj did not get food since 10 days and wants food. Chakor and Tejaswini take care of Suraj. Chakor has made Suraj understand to work hard and get food for himself, so that he gets energy to fight with Bhaiya ji.


Surbhi wants to save Soumya from Preeto’s tortures. She packs her bag and tells Harman that she is leaving the home. She does this drama to make Preeto treat Soumya well. Preeto shows Soumya how Harman and Surbhi are sleeping away like strangers. Soumya talks to Surbhi and asks her not to make marriage a joke. Surbhi agrees to Soumya and asks Harman to atleast accept her as a friend.

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