Shivay’s tough try to convince Anika succeeds in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz shivay

Anika does not want to hurt Pinky more. She can’t hurt Shivay either. Shivay requests her to come along saying I need you Anika. She says old relations are not broken to make new relations, you have such a lovely family with so many relations, I don’t want to come between you and your family, there should never be a wall between a son and mother, as parents mean everything. She explains him not to let his family break, as he is lucky to have such a great family. She says Pinky was right, I m really unlucky, much bad happened in your life after my entry.

Shivay tells her that she has risked her life many times to save his life and his family, if she wasn’t there, then much worse would have happened, maybe he would have died. He insists her to come. She asks him to understand, children can never be happy by hurting a mother’s sentiments. He assures that he will talk to Pinky. She says I can’t break a mother’s heart by coming there. Shivay asks her to just answer if she is coming along or not. Anika refuses to him. Shivay feels hurt. Anika apologizes to him. Shivay convinces Anika to come along and gets her home. Keep reading.


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