Suhasini Dadi calls off KaiRa’s marriage in Yeh Rishta…


Dadi refuses for Kartik and Naira’s relation. Dadi breaks their relation. Singhania family gets a shock. After Naira’s ashram truth came out, Dadi gets unhappy with the marriage. She refuses to accept Naira. Naitik says you were always unhappy with this marriage and then you agreed for Kartik’s sake, now you got a chance to cancel the marriage. Naitik and Naksh cancel the marriage from their side too, as Goenkas don’t deserve Naira.

Naira says Kartik loves me a lot, and he knows all the truth, he does not care for anything. Naksh is angry on Kartik for not coming to support Naira. Naira explains Naksh that Kartik is not at fault, as he did not know complete truth before. Dadi calls off the marriage. Singhanias keep their self-respect and agree to Goenka’s decision. Naitik gets upset thinking of Naira’s future. Naira pacifies the family and asks them to trust Kartik, who would make everything fine.


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