Omkara denies to become Tej’s puppet in Ishqbaaz


Anika, Omkara and Rudra cook the food and take tips from Shivay. Shivay does not like to see them putting wrong ingredients. Omkara and Rudra joke on Shivay. Anika smashes the butter. Shivay can’t bear seeing her way of cooking. He finds it a big problem that she can’t cook like him. He asks her to use butter knife and work. Pinky sees Shivay and supporters in kitchen. Soumya tells Pinky that they are making food for Shivay. Pinky gets upset seeing Anika. She does not enter kitchen and leaves.

Shwetlana informs Tej that the Chaddas are coming, if this deal happens, you will go ahead of Shivay, but if Omkara refuses, then it will be big loss. She asks him to convince Omkara for marriage. Tej asks her not to worry, Omkara will definitely agree. Shivay asks Soumya is there any dish proper. Soumya adds wrong ingredient by mistake. Tej asks them to make food better, as guests are coming in evening. Jhanvi asks who’s coming. Tej says Chaddas are coming to talk about Omkara’s alliance. Omkara refuses. Shivay asks why are they coming. Tej says Chaddas are coming as I have taken the decision for Omkara, after the bad deed done by Omkara, atleast now he can do as I say, Chaddas are happy with the alliance, now Omkara has to say yes. He asks Omkara not to humiliate him more. Omkara gets upset and is firm on his decision to not marry.


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