Omkara’s anger burst and chaotic personality to shock everyone


Omkara gets angry knowing about the video clip. There is big fight happening in Oberoi house. Omkara gets into a big argument with Tej. Omkara rages seeing Jhanvi’s state and does not want to leave Tej. Shivay and Rudra stop Tej, and ask him to control himself. Omkara calls Tej a murderer, who has made Jhanvi fallen into such state.

Tej decided to give divorce to Jhanvi. Tej’s decision gave big shock to everyone. Shivay asks Tej how can he do this. Tej is madly in love with Shwetlana and is not ready to understand Jhanvi’s pain.

Omkara tries to hit Tej. Tej does not care for anything. Tej asks everyone to accept this, that Jhanvi and he are getting separated. Tej gets the divorce papers. Omkara kills his inner goodness. He says Jhanvi got saved from the fire, but the fire has burnt a good son inside me. Omkara’s pain changes his personality completely. Tej leaves with Shwetlana. Shivay hugs Omkara and Rudra, and wants to take all their pain.


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