Raja loses Rani’s memories forever in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani


Raja is crying and sees Rani’s photos. He thinks of Rani. The candles placed close become a reason of fire. Raja gets a shocked seeing photos catching fire. Raja goes mad to save Rani’s memories. His heart goes out to save the memories. Raja burns his hand to blow off the fire. Naina gets shocked seeing Raja’s pain. Raja sheds tears. He shouts on Naina and asks her not to enter the room. Naina asks what are you doing.

Raja gets water and pours on photos. It gets late and he sees the photos turning to ashes. He loses Rani’s memories forever. He holds the ashes in hand and weeps. He feels his negligence is the cause. Naina looks at him and tries to understand Raja’s suppressed pain in heart. Raja gets angry and asks her to get away from him.



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