Rudra’s decision for house peace shatters Soumya’s heart in Ishqbaaz


Chaddas arrive at Oberoi mansion. Mr. Chadda tells Tej about the deal signing after the marriage. Mrs. Chadda says we shall do roka now itself. Tej asks them to call Omkara. Omkara makes an entry along his brothers. Tej asks Omkara to meet Chadda’s daughter Sonia. Omkara refuses to marry. Chaddas get a big shock. Tej says Omkara is just kidding, we already discussed this. Omkara tells Tej has just ordered me, and I just follow my heart. He apologizes to Chaddas. Mr. Chadda scolds Tej for insulting them this way. He asks why did Shwetlana invite them here. Tej says it’s not her mistake, I wanted to do Omkara’s marriage with Sonia and have this deal. Mr. Chadda threatens Tej that he will make sure none does business with Tej now. Shivay asks Mr. Chadda to calm down and talk. He defends Omkara’s decision.

He says Omkara has refused as he does not know Sonia, I think we should give time to Omkara and Sonia. Tej asks Mr. Chadda to take his word, his son will marry Sonia. Omkara refuses on Mr. Chadda’s face. Shivay asks Mr. Chadda not to hurry up. Mr. Chadda refuses to the alliance. Tej makes a last try to convince Omkara. He asks Omkara to agree, as he has given his word to Mr. Chadda.

Omkara says you can’t force me for marriage. Tej and Omkara’s argument gets high and Jhanvi jumps in between. Jhanvi asks Tej to understand. Tej gives her a jerk. Rudra holds Jhanvi and saves her from falling.

Mr. Chadda asks Tej to stop forcing Omkara, if he is unhappy, how will he keep Sonia happy, we are no more interested in this alliance. Rudra sees the family in tension. Rudra stops Chaddas and tells them that he will marry Sonia to keep Tej’s word. Soumya gets upset thinking of her marriage with Rudra. Rudra says I m ready to marry Sonia.

Tej feels proud of Rudra, who saved his respect at right time. Tej says Omkara is useless, Rudra will marry Sonia, do you have any objection. Mr. Chadda says we have no objection, we can go ahead with this alliance. Tej is sure that Rudra will never disappoint him. Mr. Chadda and Tej seal the marriage deal and fix Roka the next day. What will Soumya do now? Keep reading.


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