Bachelorette’s party turns rocking with KaiRa’s performance

Kartik and Naira to unite

The girls play truth and dare game in hen’s party. Naira was given a dare to go to Kartik’s party venue and know what are the guys doing. Naira takes disguise of a Gujarati guy and witnesses Kartik’s Jagrata. Naira laughs and informs the girls gang. Kartik sees Naira in disguise and follows her to her hen’s party. The Hawaii theme brings light moments. Some goons come in the party and trouble the girls. They ask the girls to dance for them. Naira says no one will dance, get lost from here.

Naira asks who are they and how did they come here, The girls get scared seeing the goons. Naira asks the girls not to worry, and protects them. The goon asks Naira to dance, else they will shoot everyone. Kartik and group enter the party as the goons, and fool the girls. Kartik tells the girls that they have run away from Jagrata. Later, all the guys and girls party. Kartik and Naira dance together and celebrate in Hawaiian style. The guys perform on Hawa Hawai song and show their moves. The girls laugh and are happy to see the party getting more rocking.


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