Shivay and Anika find evidence against Tia in Ishqbaaz


Shivay believes Anika. He knows Anika did not leak Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video. Shivay and Anika check the footage and try to know who has leaked the video. Rudra and Soumya’s marriage video is revealed in front of everyone. Anika is blamed for it. Pinky and Tej have humiliated Anika. Shivay wants to find the real culprit so that he can clear Anika’s name. Shivay takes tension and feels sick. Anika comforts him and makes him rest in her lap.

Anika can’t see him in stress. Shivay and Anika check the family pictures and see Tia missing. Shivay asks did Tia do this. Anika says I told you Tia is very clever and she is hiding something. Tia has leaked the Rudra and Soumya’s video and framed Anika. It has to be seen how Shivay and Anika expose Tia’s doings. On the other hand, Soumya is worried about Rudra and her relation known to everyone. Will Oberois accept Soumya as their bahu?


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