Shakti — Harman and Surbhi support Soumya


Harman and Soumya’s romantic dance will be seen. Harman gets a chance to romance with Soumya. Harman confesses his love to Soumya. He proposes Soumya again. He expresses his wish to hug her. Soumya ignores his words. She understands his feelings, and thinks there is no world where we can stay together, I wish to stop you from leaving, but when fate did not write our togetherness, how can I go against fate. Harman is not stopping his attempts.

Soumya hugs Surbhi and cries. She feels bad that all problems are coming in-house because of her, she does not want to hurt anyone. She asks Surbhi to kill her, as she does not want to live.

Surbhi and Harman get unhappy hearing Soumya. Surbhi asks Soumya what is she saying this. Soumya does not want anyone to taunt Surbhi. She wants to end her life. She does not want to become reason of anyone’s sorrow. She asks Surbhi to give her poison. Surbhi gets shocked. Surbhi says I have named my life to you, it means I should also die. Soumya asks why are you saying this. Surbhi says because you are talking depressive. Harman and Soumya boost Soumya’s self confidence. Keep reading.


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