Shivay protects Rudra from Tej’s wrath in Ishqbaaz


Tej welcomes the Chaddas for Roka. Mr. Chadda takes pictures with Rudra, Omkara and Shivay. Mrs. Chadda asks Shivay to introduce his wife. Pinky takes Tia along and introduces Tia as Shivay’s wife. Shivay finds Anika turning upset. Pinky praises Tia. Tia and Shivay gets pictures clicked with Chaddas. Soumya holds anger in heart against Rudra. She feels hurt by Rudra’s step. She congratulates him for his Roka with Sonia.

Mr. Chadda and Tej call Sonia and Rudra forward for Roka. Before the Roka ceremony could commence, Mr. Chadda asks Tej to play news channel. They get the breaking news of Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. The video clip is leaked in media. Oberois and Chaddas get a major shock seeing Roumya’s marriage video. Mr. Chadda gets disappointed again. He asks Tej how can he fall so low and cover up this truth for a business deal. Tej asks Mr. Chadda to understand. Mr. Chadda remarks Tej is just a business, not a father, else he would have kept children’s happiness superior to business. He assures Tej that Tej will pay for this insult. Chaddas call off the Roka.

Rudra bears Tej’s anger. Rudra wonders how did the video leak. Tej shouts on Rudra for ruining his respect. Tej goes to slap Rudra, but Shivay comes in between to stop Tej. Tej asks Shivay not to talk between a father and son. Shivay says I would have not got in between if that was the case, here a businessman is talking to an asset, you have just seen the deal and did not care for Omkara and Rudra’s happiness, you can’t slap Rudra.

Tej asks Shivay what did you see when you were going to marry Tia, you keep saying every relation is a deal. Shivay says I believe so, Omkara and Rudra don’t think so, I can sell myself, but not let anyone sell my brother’s happiness. Pinky reacts and asks Shivay did he know about Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Shivay admits he knew about it and was thinking to manage situation. Tej blames Shivay for leaking the video.


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