Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Sita’s mum’s death anniversary is happening. Gopi keeps the havan. Bhavani makes an entry there. She makes everyone faint by using some smoke. She asks her goons to kidnap Sita. Gopi and everyone get conscious after some time, and look for Sita.


Naina wishes to have icecream. Naina and Raghav have reached the icecream parlor. Naina selects the flavors. Raghav does not like to have icecream as he would feel heavy. He says I already got fat. She says fine, we will go home, my throat will get bad. Raghav stops her and asks her to have icecream. She says I don’t want it now, we shall leave. The icecream parlor guy gets an icecream for them and asks them to share it, as sharing increases love. Raghav teases Naina. They forget all worries for sometime and enjoy. Naina does not let Raghav eat and takes the cup for herself. They go home. Raghav and Veer get into an argument and fight. Raghav gets hurt and upset. Naina cares for Raghav and does the aid. Naina and Raghav come close by their sorrow. Raghav rests in her lap and has just Naina’s support now.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman is in sad state without Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla sees him upset and asks him to have food. Raman does not agree to have food. She says I always supported you, this time you did wrong to get overdrunk and come home. Raman is lost in Ishita’s memories.

Romi comes to Raman and tells him that Pihu got high fever. Raman rushes to see Pihu. Raman apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. She ignores him. Ruhi comes to Bhalla house. She tells him that Ruhi asked her to go back home. Raman hugs Ruhi and is glad that Ruhi has come back home. Ishita tells Raman that she will not come back, till Raman says sorry. Ishita has kept condition that if Raman does not change, she will not come back.


Shivay is worried and calls Tej. Tej does not answer. Shivay asks Anika to keep trying to reach Tej. Dadi and Shakti ask Anika what is the matter. Anika tells them that Tej is getting engaged to Shwetlana today. Dadi gets shocked, realizing Jhanvi is in painful state after the terrible fire incident. Shakti asks how can Tej do this.

Tej comes home. He tells his family that no one needs to interfere in his personal life, he can decide anything he wants and he is not answerable to anyone. Dadi asks Tej how can he do this, does he have any shame or not. Tej tells Dadi that Jhanvi and my relation is just namesake now, once I get divorce, I will marry Shwetlana, none can stop me from doing so.


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