Anika and Shivay find out Tia’s plotting in Ishqbaaz

New twists with Zain Iman and Mandana Karimi's entry in Ishqbaaz

Shivay stays disturbed and thinks to find out who is the person behind the video clip leaking in media. Anika cares for Shivay’s injury and gives him medicines. Shivay falls sleepy by the medicines. Anika takes him in her lap and makes him sleep. She ponders over their initial meetings and love journey.

Anika tells Shivay about Chadda family’s videographer forgetting the camera at home. He gets an idea to check the video footage to know who can do the crime and put the blame on Anika. They check the footage and find out that Tia is the one behind this plotting. Shivay understands Tia and Shwetlana are their opponents. He wonders if they have any connection or common motives to ruin Oberois. Anika tells him that Tia’s truth is not what she shows, she is much more clever and evil-minded. Shivay asks his spy to find about Tia and her background in detail.


On the other hand, Omkara is determined to take revenge from Tej by settling the scores evenly. He wants to secure Jhanvi’s life and marriage, by protecting her the way Shivay protects the family, by taking any decision possible to safeguard relations.

Omkara is angered and feels how vulnerable he was before that he just sank in his own sorrow and could not know when his mother actually needed his support. Omkara now decides to become like Shivay and protect his family against Tej. Shivay feels Omkara changing.

Anika and Rudra get a shock knowing Shwetlana is getting engaged today. Anika informs Shivay about Shwetlana and Tej’s engagement. Rudra gets upset knowing this. The trio try to contact Omkara so that this depressing news does not shock him. Shivay wants to stop Tej from this worse step, keeping in mind that Jhanvi is still critical. Tej makes an entry and announces the same that he is getting engaged to Shwetlana today.


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