Rishi to find a perfect match for Tanuja in Kasam


Rishi keeps a party at home. Rishi wants Tanuja to move on in life and introduces Tanuja to city’s most eligible bachelors. Tanuja and Rishi got divorced now. Rishi wants Tanuja to settle now. He gives the party in Tanuja’s honor. Rishi is being selfless. Rishi announces in the party that Tanuja is his lucky charm, and he will never break friendship with her. He tells whoever Tanuja chooses today will be a lucky person.

Rishi hides all his pain and tears, and wants to give happiness to Tanuja. Tanuja wants Rishi to be a good son and take care of Rano. Rishi thinks to stay with Tanuja, but it’s not happening. Rishi hopes Tanuja likes someone and thinks of settling her for a good future. Tanuja gets upset and does not want to marry anyone. Will Tanuja speak out her heart to Rishi? Keep reading.


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