Vivaan conceals his shocking truth from Imli in Udaan


Chakor and Suraj are together in the well. She covers him up with the shawl, even when he refuses. Chakor asks him not to act smart. Suraj gets Chakor with him to get under the shawl. Suraj and Chakor use stones to ignite fire in the dry grass. Chakor is worried that Suraj is getting more vulnerable. She asks him not to be adamant. Their nok jhok continues.

Vivaan gets much gifts for Imli. Imli asks him why was he not answering. Vivaan says I had to get all these gifts, look there, I got all the cute toys for baby. Imli gets happy seeing the beautiful gifts. He says I had to do all these arrangements, I wished to decorate the room with baby toys.

Imli kept asking about his test results. Vivaan shows the the toys and asks her to see the cuteness. He knows the truth that he can’t father a child. Even then, his heart is not accepting the fact. Vivaan has suppressed his pain. He becomes a kid and looks glad. He tries to give happiness to Imli. Even small things are irritating him. He gets his anger out of everyone. He does not want to tell Imli about his negative test reports. He lies to Imli that reports are fine and they can have a child soon. Imli asks him why was he tensed before. Vivaan gets angry and his mood turns upset. She asks him to show reports. Vivaan shouts on her and asks why will I be tensed about tests, what happened to me, you always hurt my heart. He leaves from the room. Imli does not know Vivaan’s truth, and thinks what wrong did she say that he got so angry.


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