Vividha urges to find Ravish in Jaana Na Dil Se Door


Vividha reaches Kashmir to find Ravish and take him back home. At home, Sujata and Suman have an argument over their sons and bahu. Suman is angry as Atharv did not turn up to find Ravish, while being in anger by Vividha’s decision to choose Ravish. Vividha’s leaving for finding Ravish is taken as her choice to marry Ravish. Atharv gets mistaken by her letter and thinks he is no more wanted in her life. Even though, Suman’s confrontation makes Atharv realize the need of the hour, that’s to find Ravish and get him home safely.

Atharv also leaves for Kashmir, after suppressing his annoyance. His reaction appears very much normal. After his anger calms, he sets his mind to help out Vividha and Ravish. Vividha is seen looking for Ravish everywhere. She gets a small help from a resident. She then gets tracked by army officials. Vividha does not leave hope and stays determined to not go back without Ravish. A terrorist attack happens at the border.


Atharv saves Vividha in nick of the time. He asks her to come back home along with him, to which she refuses straight. Holding annoyance and misunderstandings about each other, they get into an argument over their priorities right now. Atharv and Vividha decide to go different ways to find Ravish. He gets hurt seeing her strong will to find Ravish on her own. Vividha falls in trouble again, and Atharv comes to her rescue.


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