Jaggi and Gopi’s new disguise in Saath Nibhana Saathiya


Sita is in trouble. Jaggi and Gopi took police help to stop Sita’s marriage, but Sita changed her statement in final moment. They fail to help Sita. Inspector says we can’t do anything after Sita’s statement, and asks Jaggi and Gopi to leave.

Jaggi and Gopi have taken disguise. Jaggi has become a sweetmaker and Gopi plays his wife’s role. They both reach Bhavani’s house to find out if Sita is really happy with Bhavani, why did Sita give wrong statement. Jaggi introduces himself and Gopi. He makes Bhavani have sweets. Jaggi says I will make such sweets that you will not forget the taste.


Jaggi and Gopi will be seen in a colorful avatar. Jaggi lies that he and his wife talk of love in secret language, that’s why his punjabi and gujarati looks same. Jaggi and Gopi have come to save Sita from the forced marriage.

Bhavani says everyone blames me as I m a step mother, but even real mother won’t spend so much in a daughter’s marriage as I m going. Jaggi acts sweet. He makes excuse and adds much water in the flour. Bhavani scolds him. He apologizes to Bhavani and says I will go and get more flour. Jaggi signs Sita to come along. Sita does not understand. How will Gopi and Jaggi rescue Sita? Keep reading.


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